For the first time ever you are able to segment the entire market of Digital Add Space

We call it “Add Full Reach”


For Marketers we bring access to new audiences. Choose between new segments centered around hardcore household characteristics. Digiseg cover the entire market and allow you to use external data without the loss of reach. We call it “Add Full Reach”.
Digiseg deliver detailed audience reporting about which types of households view, click or buy.
Our way of identifying your primary audience will not only change the way you look at targeting but also change the Return on investment on your individual campaigns


For Publishers we increase the value of your inventory. The better you describe and package your inventory the more appealing and relevant it will be to advertisers. Digiseg enable you to slice and dice your inventory as you like using Digiseg’s unique variables. Just “Add Full Reach” to your inventory and you will be able to divide cookies into Rich/Poor, Young/ Old, Educated/Uneducated, Owner/Renter…well the list is long.

About Us

Digiseg has developed a segmentation engine that adds a completely new dimension to digital segmentation. We bring new variables to the market of Digital Add Space and introduce new Machine Learning Algorithms that identify the optimal target audience. Furthermore, Digiseg bridge the world of classical offline marketing with the digital world and offer true Omni-Channel marketing propositions



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Søren H. Dinesen

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Bent R. Jacobsen

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